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Addio, Love Monster will carry you away to the Singer Street neighborhood of Mulberry Park where something is always going on. Where Signora Guiseppa, the “iron fist”, does everything it takes and more to keep her grown children near her. Where Enrico the widower creeps in the night looking for a new wife in all the wrong places. Where Nicky, the golden-gloves boxer wrestles with what he saw in the basement as a child--and Lena, his wife, also wrestles--with how to deal with Nicky’s violence. Where characters and generations often collide. These are the many stories of a neighborhood that faces life together, whether they like it or not. In these pages you will find that humor and sorrow, resentment and adoration, and the churn and change of the immigrant experience. It is a place where everyone knows everyone-- both too much and too little. 


“Joyce had his Dublin, Ferrante, her Naples, and for Marrocco it’s Mulberry Park, where not much seems to happen, and yet something’s always going on if you look beneath the surface.  Marrocco finds the extraordinary in the lives of the folk who inhabit this sleepy suburb of Chicago, creating stories of individuals that she forms into a lively word tapestry, capturing days of lives gone by, reminding us that everyone has a story to tell.”

Fred L. Gardaphe,
Author: From Wise Guys to Wise Men

“In rich, descriptive prose peppered with salty dialogue, Christina Marrocco gives us a penetrating look at several generations of a Sicilian immigrant family. Bookmarked on either end of this novel in stories are two tales focusing upon professional mourner and matriarch Giuseppa Millefiore, who teaches her family that “everything dies”—but not before the entire clan loves, laughs, and dips deep into the gusto that characterizes Italian-American life.”

Rita Ciresi,
Author of: Pink Slip and Sometimes I Dream in Italian

“With a unique and captivating voice and astounding attention to details, Christina Marrocco immerses us in the lives of a multi-generational immigrant family with her debut novel. I know well, these people of Mulberry Park, her fictional, working class, Sicilian-American neighborhood near Chicago. In this sharply focused snapshot of the midcentury Southern Italian immigrant experience, Marrocco populates “Addio, Love Monster” with people as real as it gets. I love this book.”

Karen Tintori,
Author of: Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family


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Christina Marrocco works in memoir, short story, long fiction, and poetry. Her work has appeared in Silverbirch Press, The Laurel Review, House Mountain Review, VIA, Ovunque Siamo, and Red Fern Press. She lives outside of Chicago where she teaches Creative Writing and other courses at Elgin Community College. 


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